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How To Use the Tab-O-Matic
Operation couldn't be simpler! Use your pointing apparatus to select a note from the SelecTone Electric FretboardTM (Patent Pending). The tabitulation for the specified note will seemingly magically appear in the ViewTron display pane.

The SelecTone Electric FretboardTM (Patent Pending) is also capable of automatically appending the specialized tabluar notations for advanced playing techniques, such as hammers, slides, and pulls, simply by having the needed note transition activated before selecting a note with your pointing apparatus.

To select multiple simultaneous notes (chords) from the SelecTone Electric FretboardTM (Patent Pending), firmly depress the "Ctrl" key on the keyboard (sold separately) and use your pointing apparatus to select as many notes as your muse prescribes (limit six, one per string). Release the "Ctrl" key and enjoy the wonder as your chord not only appears in the ViewTron display pane, but is also stored deep within the EternaCall memory banks to be displayed in the designated ChordLoc area, where the latest five chords are held for convenient re-use.

In order to commit the tabitulated notation currently displayed in the ViewTron display pane to the finalized tabulature file, direct your pointing apparatus to the "New Line" pressure-activated sensor and depress until you hear a click.

To download the finalized tablature file, use the same pointing apparatus procedure mentioned previously, substituting the "Download File" pressure-activated sensor.

Thank you for choosing the Tab-O-Matic.

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Can I link to the Tab-O-Matic from my website?
Please do. The Tab-O-Matic was created with the intention of helping guitarists and musicians everywhere.

What can I do to help Tab-O-Matic?
I'd like to be able to keep the Tab-O-Matic free and without ads, but bandwidth costs money. If it's been helpful to you, please consider a modest (or not-so-modest) PayPal donation, so that it can continue to operate in the form it does now.

Also, you'll notice we add a "Tab-O-Matic" footer to the end of your tab. It's just a text file, so there's no reason you can't remove it, but we'd sure appreciate it if you'd leave it intact.

I think I found a bug, what should I do?
Send me an email at, let me know what browser and operating system you're using, what you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened.